After The Great South Run

January 3rd, 2020

Running in the Great South Run was exhilarating and was like being in a good dream.  Since then I have met other runners that were competing there and spectators also who offered us such amazing support!  I have spoken to neighbours and friends who saw Cliffe and I on Channel 5 TV – Brilliant!

 Since then, I have had many interesting conversations with people I have met when out with Spencer, several saying that he has reminded them of their own dogs, past and present.  Some of the conversations have been sad but many have been delightful and humorous, with lots of laughs and uplifts.  If you are reading this blog, I want you to know that it has been lovely talking to you, as you have shared your stories.

I have continued running at Bournemouth parkrun with Cliffe and three other VI Guides assisting me on different Saturdays.  The results have been variable due to the wind, rain, mud and puddles as well as general aches and pains and less exercise over the Christmas period.   The running has not been easier but the encouragement and support from others remains fantastic.

Now that 2020 is with us, the training for the Hampton Court half marathon on 15 March will need to be stepped up!  The challenge is just as real as it was but what motivates me is the feeling that I can help raise funds to help other people with visual impairment as they face their daily challenges.  It would be extremely helpful and kind if you would give this blog address to your friends. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “After The Great South Run

  1. Huge respect to you and all associated with you, especially Spencer, from your friends in Northampton Crown and County. Happy new year and all success for 2020. Reading your blogs is a source of encouragement and joy.


  2. Enjoyed reading your blog….keep focussed and keep going and you will celebrate in your next achievement and we look forward to more lovely pictures and blogs. You are an inspirational David and a very worthy cause.
    Lovely pictures of Spencer too.


  3. So impressed with your dedication and that of Cliffe! It’s great getting updates on your progress. Keep going!


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