Wind, rain, mud and puddles

March 27, 2020

As Cliffe has written, our running partnership started about a year ago.   For the first 10 weeks of 2020, we enjoyed our running.  The camaraderie with other runners, parkrun volunteers and spectators has been brilliant!

Our running was affected by the wind, rain, mud and puddles making it very challenging!  However, all my VI Guides and I faced the various obstacles in a humorous way.   Sometimes, I was in the mud and puddles before I knew it, laughing as I tried to stay upright!  (At this point, I must spare a thought for all those people who have been affected by the flooding of the last few months – some being flooded out of their homes and work places, making my comments above seem trivial)

On Sunday 8 March, Cliffe and I did our last run, in strong wind, along Bournemouth sea-front, in preparation for the Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon to be held on 15 March.   There was no more training to do!   We had our King Henry VIII hats and clip-on beards, ready for the fun of running with thousands of other runners as well as the spectators looking on

Although we were looking forward to it, we withdrew from it because of the concern about the spread of the Coronavirus, sweeping the world!  Our decision was clearly the right and responsible one to make as its spread would affect us all in so many ways.

Now, when I am out with Spencer, there is an eerie silence, which is only broken by the lovely birdsong coming from the hedges and trees.   I enjoy singing too and belong to a male voice choir.  Sometimes, I try to sing as we are walking along, Spencer being my ‘critic’!  I have taken him to one or two choir practices with various outcomes which usually end up with a laugh!

Believe it or not, the style of breathing seems the same for singing and running.  The choir musical Director asks us to take in deep breaths through our open mouths and then let the air out slowly.  On one occasion, Cliffe said the same.   So, the singing might help my running and my running might help my singing…. “win, win”.

I would like to thank all those who have already donated to Guide Dogs and Dorset Blind Association, even though we didn’t run at Hampton Court Palace. 

When the time is right, Cliffe and I will run an alternative half marathon together.  Maybe we will still be able to wear our King Henry VIII hats and clip-on beards for another laugh!  I hope you have enjoyed reading our blog so far viewing it as a time of reflection like I am.

As I look back, I can think of the many times of fun that my family and I have had with Spencer who has so much character it is hard to describe although I think you will know what I mean,

However, for the time being, we can look forward to the end of the current crisis caused by the Coronavirus.  I hope your families, friends and work colleagues stay safe and well with the hope of normality returning as soon as possible.

5 thoughts on “Wind, rain, mud and puddles

  1. Your kind thoughts are returned by the crew here, in Northampton. Good luck and good health to you all. We continue to support the community and are thrilled that the first self isolates will be fit to return next week. They have been missed dreadfully.
    I an quizzes about Spencer’s well being and will be happy to report well being when I go in on Monday.
    Blessings and wishes for good health to you all.
    Your friends in Northampton


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