A new day, a new dawn

St.David’s day, 2021. I guess that’s as good a day as any for this insignificant David to re-start his blog!

Is it really a whole year since the dreaded word “Coronovirus” reared its ugly head and life as we knew it ground to a halt? Sadly yes, but no one really needs reminding of the roller coaster ride we’ve had along the way. Everyone has a story to tell, of sadness or joy, strength or vulnerability, hope or despair, boredom or creativity. Our diaries and our lives might seem empty but our hearts are full of admiration and gratitude for inspirational and compassionate people and for the inventive and resourceful nature of our fellow human-beings.

So here we are again! Spring has arrived in all its glory and with it, new hope and promise. Vaccination versus Virus, Liberty versus Lockdown! My running kit hasn’t seen the light of day for a year, but I dare to hope that it might emerge from the wardrobe soon. The closest I’ve got to running is when hearing a passing jogger as we walk along with Spencer. “Jogger coming”, warns my wife, as he/she steams by, exhaling suspect vapours . As  I step back out of the way I hear the jogger’s feet pounding by and I feel wistful.  As we meander on with Spencer my wife describes the new delights of Spring, catkins, snowdrops and tiny violets. I share her pleasure, but in my minds eye I can still see the jogger and I wish that it was me. Daydreams are allowed sometimes I suppose!

Back to reality! My running shoes are ready and waiting but as yet have nowhere to go. Always ringing in my ears is that pesky phrase, “keep socially distanced. Stay 2 metres apart”. Totally impossible at the best of times for a visually impaired person but also very restrictive when reliant on others for physical support. My trusted, inspirational running guide, Cliffe, opened up a whole new world for me last year, but in order to run safely, I need to be in close proximity to him all the time. All eyes are now on the calendar and the lifting of restrictions! Cliffe is encouraging me to get my creaking limbs moving again in readiness for the resumption of training. My brain and body are protesting a bit and confidence flew out of the window when Covid stormed in, but when the time is right to start running, I want to seize the opportunity with both hands (and feet)!

Will I be fit enough to run a virtual marathon by October? That is the big question! I honestly don’t know, but with Cliffe’s help and inspiration, I do need to try and in order to finish what we started and to continue supporting Guide Dogs, the charity that changed my life by giving me my faithful canine friend, Spencer.

So watch this space and see what happens! If  I don’t manage to get a hair-cut soon I will be the old chap running along with hair flowing in the wind. Cliffe will be the fit, well-groomed one keeping me going!

To sponsor us in the Virtual London Marathon on October 3, 2021, please click here

One thought on “A new day, a new dawn

  1. I loved reading your story David. The sun is out today which fills us with fresh hope for the future always mindful of those less fortunate and going through very tough times. You are inspirational and just to be able to start running with Cliff will be a great achievement. Whilst it would be nice for you to do the October run. I think every mile you achieve will be so satisfying and up lifting even though it may seem daunting to set your sights too high. Be careful enjoy small challenges to begin with. We send love to Spencer and good to know he has been able to continue treading the paths. I suspect he was sorry the pet shop lady who gives him a biscuit isn’t around….but Spencer she soon will be open I think 😁🐕‍🦺. Mary


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