Day 10 – Kings Park Bournemouth – July 02, 2022

The final day:

So, after 10 consecutive Saturdays, ten different locations and 50km covered, John and I completed the final parkrun at our home track of Bournemouth – me in a blindfold with John guiding.

It was a great relief to finally finish this challenge, one I have no intention of repeating, but we did manage to raise over £1000 for the Dorset Blind Association and create some awareness along the way for those with visual impairment. Many thanks to all the volunteers from DBA who came along to Kings Park to support us today.

Thanks also to all the parkrun organisers at all the various locations for giving so much support and encouragement. Both John and I and the other guides, Julie, James and Lisa have been completely blown away by the affection we have received on our travels. David Edwards our indomitable VI running mate has also enjoyed and played his part in us helping to raise some much needed funds for a great local charity.

I am not too sure what the next challenge will be, but rest assured it will certainly be something a little easier than this one.

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